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Portrait painting is the most important art genre. Portrait as a thematic painting is the highest level of art. It represent the human, the human personality is its primordial and first object.
The appearance of the portrait genre in ancient Egypt and its further development in ancient Greece and Rome expressed deep human idea about overcoming time and death. Human thoughts and creativity directed into eternity and immortality through creation of portrait images.

This impulse has continued in humanistic pathos of Christianity. Talking about God and the higher hierarchies of human representation, Christian art has made the human being both as means and as purpose of art work. Understanding of it gave a powerful impact to the portrait genre in Christian cultures. So the portrait perpetuates a person, keeps its face for posterity, and often the name and memory of the man in history. Emperors and kings, popes and Venetian doges, athelings and aristocracy of talent, the most beautiful women came down to us for us sometimes only due to great masters, who made their portraits.

The portrait genre has lost nothing as a phenomenon of art with beginning of photography. Examples of this are masterpieces by Kramskoy, Winterhalter, Repin, Carolus-Duran, Makovsky, Renoir, Boldini, Zorn, Sargent, Serov, Malyavin, Klimt, whose are already created in the era of photography. In contrast to the photo, portrait is not incidentally catched face by camera, but it is the word picture, the most distinctive and expressive. Here everything has meaning: a look of portrayed, the beauty of turning to the audience, body language, position and nature of the hands, the color system of a portrait, its composition, the solution of the background.

This, however, is not all possibilities of portrait genre as an art. Its highest level is the creation of word picture through concrete person. “Mona Lisa Gioconda” by Leonardo da Vinci, "Pope Innocent X" by Velazquez, "Bertin" by Ingres, "Musorgsky" by Repin, "Madame X" by Sargent, "Yermolova" by Serov are portraits - signs, portraits - characters. In these portraits are reflected typical qualities of human nature: the mystery of attractive femininity, cunning wisdom, self-satisfied vanity, tragic sadness, heroic self-sacrifice.

Kinds of portrait of are extremely diverse by types, format, genres.
By type of personality portrait can be male, female, child.
Family portrait can represent whole family or several members of the family.
Group portrait recreates several people, united by a property, corporate or creative status.
Parade portrait depicts a person or group of persons solemnly and pathos in expensive, relevant social standing dresses, with regalia in a magnificent setting, surrounded by beautiful accessories.

Lyrical portrait can convey subtle emotional emotions, to show human in the wilds or with favorite household furnishings.
An intimate portrait pretend to picture of loved one. Usually it is the modest portrait.
Wedding portrait shows a loving married people at the time of the marriage on wedding dresses.
Fantastic portrait represents the customer in cooked-up way, in an unreal space.
Historical portrait recreates the human from past eras in the distinctive suit of his time.
By formats, portraits are divided into the following types:
- Head with shoulder girdle
- Breast-deep
- Portrait with hands
- Mid leg
- Full length

It is better to imagine variety of portrait opportunities by portrait customer. I emphasize again that the portrait is an artistic paintings, better created from nature or with photos too. Writing your portrait - an exclusive creative research of the painter, where everything is important: the appearance of portrayed, presented in the best way, the psychological characteristics of human nature, type of the suit, expressive background, the necessary accessories. As a result, potential customer, your portrait will present you in art transfigured form, with individual characteristics, in the richness of colors. And the most importantly, it will be filled by energy of handmade art work.
Portrait immortalizes you, not just in photos, a short-lived and miserable piece of photographic paper, but in a work of art, whose painting experience us, pass through the thickness of time to meet our future generations.

Art director Mark Shilenkov

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