Art painting of walls and ceilings

Art painting at the negotiating room of the office

Art painting of staircase hall of the office

Art painting at the jewelry boutique

Art painting in the style of Salvador Dali

Wall paintings based on works by William Bouguereau in the residence. W.A. Bouguereau. Abduction Psihe. Freestyle interpretation

Wall paintings based on works by William Bouguereau in the residence. W.A. Bouguereau. Birth of Venus. Freestyle interpretation

Wall paintings based on works by William Bouguereau in the residence. W.A. Bouguereau. The girl battling the Cupid. Freestyle interpretation

Art painting of walls and ceilings, or, in other words, the monumental and decorative painting is a specific sphere of art.

It’s like cradle for art, being much more ancient than architecture, its primary and more powerful sister.

Their common origin is in the creation of living conditions by man, its human transformation. Even while living in caves, prehistoric people painted wall and rock of high artistic level and style pictures, displaying an innate desire for beauty.

With the genesis of architecture in ancient cultures, art painting came in to it as an integral part, forming their style and unique appearance. The basis of the paintings were, and remain to this day, the plane and spherical sides of the inner building parts - walls, ceilings, columns and arches.

Greatest art achievements of all eras and styles are always connected with art paintings.

The monumental art of ancient Egypt gives us the powerful rhythm and planar ornamental, rich color and ritual complexity of ornament, wonderful compositions and glitter of gold. The appearance of checkered light and shade, plastic color stain, monochrome ornamentation and the pursuit of illusory characterize the depiction of ancient Greece. Excess luxury of wasting itself creative abundance, like a southern wine in a dark cherry backgrounds late-Pompeian style with a lot of sophisticated ornaments, depicting architectural and plant elements, human figures, twisted in a complicated tie, the inclusion of figurative paintings.

Romanesque and Gothic ornaments filled by high spirituality, images of Byzantine and Russian temple murals have authentic original aura of art. Art of the Renaissance has unprecedented rise of monumental art. The flow of creativity of the great masters is poured like from horns of abundance: Giotto, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, Gozzoli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Giulio Romano, brothers Carracci. This triumph of painting has become as an hymn to human nature and beauty. Folloing items are forever brought into monumental art of Revival: illusion of unprecedented depth follows by the laws of perspective space, shine and a titanic power of an anatomically perfect human figures intertwined in a complex composition, sculptural cut-off plastic bodies, and finally, the excessive graphic and color richness of ornaments.

The not weakening creative glow has created magnificent samples of art paintings in Baroque style. Masters of this great style give us increased and the overwhelming luxury of indescribable beauty alloy color, gold, organically sensuous plastics, dynamic compositions.

The new upsurge of art painting is associated with Art Nouveau. Precious qualities of this remarkable style are amazing wavy tuning linearity and decorative facing the natural forms of plastics, the complexity of a gentle color combinations, luxurious ornate and filigreed swirl ornaments.

Thus, the possibility of a monumental art is huge, its content is much wider than any genre of paintings, it combines them all.

The main task of the art painting of walls and ceilings is (as always) transformation of concrete interior from ordinary model to exclusive one, immersion staying there people to the art, by means of colors, plastics, rhythm, spots - all possibilities of decorative painting. Painting of ceiling, for example, can "raise" it to turn into a light, visually "flying" from the audience firmament.

Skillfully using the color-tonal relationships, decorative painting can "expand" space facilities, for example, to convert, a dreary staircase in full light and air summer terrace, and a boring pool to a sunny beach or in a shady antique gazebo by the sea. The painting can be as a background color for luxury furniture, or create a vigorous multi-figured compositions, making the man is almost a party taking place in these events, whether it can be the royal hunting scene, a boisterous dance or the idyllic nature. It is the power of painting "to gather under a" whole interior, being of its color accent, or to overcome the monotony of its complex rhythms and ligature whimsical ornaments. Painting can "break" a boring architecture of interior, or to support and to identify its "destructive" avant-garde nature.

There are three main types of modern art paintings:

1. Authors painting is created in the individual style of the painter performing it on a given by client subject or on the basis of his wishes. It is the most expensive and long made and it is completely independent piece of art.

2. Exclusive compilation is performed on the basis of certain works by the master or masters of past eras of certain style. Making a painting the painter creates an independent picture on the base of the great works, make original changes and additions, adapts composition to the concrete interior.

3. Exclusive stylization is based on any historical style (Ancient Egypt, Ancient, Chinese, Japanese, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Russian, Classicism, Eclecticism, Art nouveau, Art deco, Surrealism, etc.). This painting can be included in any genre of painting as elements of the picture.

The objects of modern art paintings can be all types of residential and public buildings: apartments, cottages, restaurants, hotels, clubs, theaters, offices, shops, swimming pools and etc. The oil paints or modern analogue of ancient tempera - acrylic paints of high technological quality with a rich range of colour opportunities are used as colourful materials today. It is possible to create a painting on canvases with subsequent gluing on a wall or on ceiling, or the installation into an interior of oil painting on auxiliary frame, that’s already transforms work into a kind of easel painting. Today is quite fashionable to use various types of surface texture, markings on the wall in preparation for painting, use the effect of artificial aging paintings. The application of gilding in separate elements of an interior executed on the basis of various hand-operated technologies can be natural part of painting.

Steps of the art of painting for walls and ceilings:

1. Client and painter take preliminary consultations, where finalizing: the nature and subject of future paintings, the amount of work, the possible cost and timing of the creation.

2. Painter visits place for paintings and collect material for the preparation of draft plan (measurements, photographic)

3. Painter makes draft plan of painting.

4. Presentation of draft plan to the customer for approval and signing of the contract for the production of art works.

5. Phased execution of art painting and phased acceptance and payment by the customer in accordance with the contract.

6. Final acceptance and payment. Closure of the contract.

A potential customer needs to know that art painting is process of exclusive decorating of concrete interior. The painting is always a picturesque work with a solid composite, plastic and color vision. Its financial assessment should not proceed from the calculation of square meters, it is not usual painting of walls, laying tile, or installation of furniture. Attempts to mark down financial and time resources for the execution of art works can inevitably devalue their best quality, simplify and reduce their aesthetic merits.

Those funds that you invest to the creation of lasting art image of your interior will pay off handsomely to you due to environment of your life and work is transformed from a typical and a mediocre to creatively unique, emotionally expressive, shining by colorful combinations, pleasing your eyes, giving greater comfort, thermal comfort and luxury of real art.

Art-group "Luxury style" made following significant art painting of walls and ceilings:

- Series of paintings of a private residence in an elite village near Moscow, Zhukovka, Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. The ceilings of the hall and dining room, stairs space, billiard room. Exclusive compilation and stylization (modern, neo-gothic, early Renaissance).

- Painting the ceiling of a private apartment in one of the Arbat lanes. Exclusive stylization (modern). Customer - a famous Russian football coach Yuri Semin.

- Wall-painting based on works by Salvador Dali in the hall of apartments, exclusive compilation (surrealism).

- The paintings of the ceiling and walls of jewelry boutique "Prima-Exclusive" in the shopping mall "Vremena goda", Kutuzov prospect, exclusive stylization (Pompeian style).

- Art painting of CEO office. A conference room, staircase hall. Exclusive stylization (an ancient Egyptian style, classic eclectic). Photos of these paintings were published in the magazine in series of "Beautiful Houses" - "Saunas". Special Issue 2010 ZAO Publishing House "Beautiful House Press".

Art director Mark Shilenkov

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