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Copies of pictures - examples

A copy of the picture is a special genre of art. In a certain sense, it combines the classic genres (a thematic painting, portrait, nude model, landscape, still life) but it remains completely independent. Its peculiarity lies in the reproduction of masterpieces and in real admission to art of huge number of art collectors and art lovers. The originals of the masterpieces are already have long been owned by the world's leading museums and private collections. The world art market has defined the highest level of prices for masterpieces. Pictures by Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Poussin, Ingres, Corot, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Klimt, Picasso and many others worth tens of millions of dollars. Masters of salon painting are not much inferior to them in price, although whose works are less known and really rare often. However, their aesthetic beauty and art of execution have always made them as objects of great interest.
Today’s task of masterpieces’ copies is to make them available for the maximum possible number of art collectors and lovers of painting.
These copies can be divided into three groups:
- Authentic
- Free composition
- Compilation
Authentic copy is made directly from the original. It is designed to maximize accurate approximation to original. These copies are not counterfeit, because it made with a correction of original size, as in downward, and increase them. The cost of these copies is very high. The author of this text made following authentic copies:
- B.E.Murillo “Boy with a Dog”, 1650’ies, made from original in The State Hermitage museum, St Petersburg.
- A.G. Varnek “Portrait of the engraver N.I.Utkin”, 1803, made from original in The Russian Academy of Arts, St Petersburg.

Free composition is the main and most available form of today’s copies. Usually it is made from reproduction, which quality is always much inferior to the original. So painter, performing such a copy, creates an own interpretation of the original, like literary translation, creates an independent work. Author of this text sees the main task of free composition in the transfer the spirit of the original by expression of great master style. Style consists of unique master’s color, tonal relationships, texture of painting and the canvas, individual interpretations of form and plastic arts, character of touches, temperament of art manner. Painter should "play" in the master’ style, should "read" it.
In a certain sense the painter, who writes copy, is like an actor who plays a characteristic role and makes the viewer believe that he, for example, Julius Caesar, or Ivan the Terrible, Hamlet or Don Quixote. It is the same then viewer must BELIEVE that there is picture by Rubens before him exactly, not Raphael, not Rembrandt, not Ingres. Misunderstanding of this task by customer is the way to an inadequate result: the customer gets not painting, not Rubens for example, but poor imitation or picture where you can barely see the masterpiece. It is the reason for underestimation of financial evaluation of such copy, underestimation of resource time to execution of copy, which the customer is ready to provide for the painter.
The author of this text made over 50 free copies of the masterpieces from different ages, from miniature to monumental size. Among them: Rubens, Tiepolo, Lorrain, Boucher, David, Menzel, Renoir, Alma-Tadema, Bouguereau, Serov, and many others.

Compilation is a kind of free compositions with independent art work in the full sense of the word. Compilation is made on the basis of a certain picture with including of elements or fragments of other works of this master, or masters from the same art style. Creative changes can be made by the author of the copy. So we’ve got new self-inclusive art composition as the result.

Following words I would like to say for potential customers: order of copy is not an order of poster or order of high quality canvas print, this is the order of PAINTING, ie exclusive handmade work, it is more equal to the creation of jewel, than high quality print printing. That’s why the real copy is expensive, it is made exclusively and can not be done quickly, because it takes into account technology of original creation besides delivering of art value. If you are real fan art and art collector, rather than images for the interior, please boldly pass by the numerous internet offers, whose are advertised cheap and speedy execution of pictures copies. Please contact to experienced professional, whose work on recreating multiply to your mind work in getting you aesthetic enjoyment from copy of masterpieces.

Art director Mark Shilenkov

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